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Find Your Faerie Buddy
Which faerie should you explore Neopia with?
by Dave
Find Your Perfect Game
Find the perfect match for your next trip to the Games Room!
by Mac
What Kind of Battler Are You?
Total newb, or ultimate warlord?
by Penguinqwert
What Kind of Hidden Tower Item Are You?
The Hidden Tower? You can't miss it.
by Skylar
What Kind of Negg Are You?
It's neggalicious.
by SirCabbage
Which Dung Petpet Are You?
In a world, where your only enemy is Pet Waste Stations...
by Rosie
Which Fruit/Veggie Chia Are You?
Mmmmm, fruity. And vegetabley.
by Ummy
Which JN Staffer Are You?
In the range of Suzuka to Dave, I'd rank you as a Chesu...
by Skylar
Which Minion of Sloth Are You?
Everyone wants to join the cause.
by Dave
Which Neopian Band Should You Be In?
Jazzmosis, Sticks N' Stones or M*YNCI?
by Jen
Who is your Neopian Soulmate?
Find out who would be PERFECT for you!
by Ummy

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