Which Dung Petpet Are You?

posted on March 30, 2015
Jellybuzz Staff
Dung is best used as:
  • ...a token of appreciation....a token of appreciation.
  • ...a safeguard for those precious things....a safeguard for those precious things.
  • ...a way to get your message across....a way to get your message across.
  • ...a designation for more dung....a designation for more dung.
What is your favourite dung recreation?
  • Dung ChuckingDung Chucking
  • Dung HerdingDung Herding
  • DungConDungCon
  • Dung Scavenger HuntDung Scavenger Hunt
What is your favourite dung consistency (in terms of desserts)?
Like hot cocoa...with marshmallows
Like a pile of whipped cream fresh out of a can.
Nothing beats a dollop of creamy smooth pudding.
Week-old Brownies
If you were stranded on an island and only had enough dung to build one thing to help your survival attempt be a slightly more pleasurable experience, what would it be?
  • Dung Bath TubDung Bath Tub
  • Dung SousaphoneDung Sousaphone
  • Dung PizzaDung Pizza
  • WilsonWilson

You got: Dung Meepit

You know yourself well, and how your presence can affect others. You use this to your advantage.

Dung Meepit

You got: Dung Vullard

You enjoy when the roadkill you eat smells as pungent as you do.

Dung Vullard

You got: Dung Warf

Who ever said dung balls were only for beetles!?

Dung Warf

You got: Dung Shocket

It's hard to explain to others you were a biproduct of Sugar-Free Gummy Flotsams, but you keep a pack with you in case they're curious

Dung Shocket

You got: You're a mixed breed!

The best thing about dung is that there are no boundaries. Mix a little here, mash a little there, and you become a whole new excretion!

You're a mixed breed!

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