What Kind Of Negg Are You?

posted on March 30, 2015
Jellybuzz Staff
How much time do you like to spend in the great outdoors?
Hardly any
Just enough to get by
Whenever I can
There is an inside?
Are you more of a kind person or a selfish person?
Depends on the situation
What is your absolute favourite slushie flavour?
Squid Slushie
Dung Slushie
Cheese Plate Slushie
Freshly Cut Grass Slushie
Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie
Favourite "Junk" Item?
Pile of Dung
Rotten Omelette
Toy Sail Boat
Bit of Barbed Wire
Blue Furry Negg
Most loved Mallard colour?
How active are you on the Neoboards?
I never leave
I am under 13 *sob*
I use it for plots or similar
nty glt

You got: Ghost Negg!

Scary and mysterious you constantly get in to all kinds of trouble. The Ghost Negg is native to the haunted woods and is often seen around graveyards and other places which are inherently "spooky". A wild flair for adventure leads you to travel about constantly searching for interesting new places to haunt. People hear your chains and instantly run in fear- but all you really want is to be loved.

Ghost Negg!

You got: Fish Negg!

A symbol of greatness and wealth, the fish negg is only blessed upon those who are truly worthy. Once commonly swimming the waters of Maraqua these now almost extinct fish only bestow themselves on those they feel deserve it. As a Fish Negg everyone wants you and everyone loves you but you will always get the last say. On a completely unrelated note if you would please get inside this large burlap sack we can be on our way.

Fish Negg!

You got: Evil Negg!

Constantly looking for ways to make things worse for everyone the Evil Negg is always the first to side with sloth during his invasions. As an Evil Negg you basically spend all your time being mean and horrible to everyone around you. This likely will make you some enemies but frankly as an Evil Negg you don't really care. Evil Neggs are also often found as members of the Sway and use this power to their own profit.

Evil Negg!

You got: Ferocious Negg!

Always angry, always hungry, always in your face. By being a Ferocious Negg you are basically saying that you are an angry and aggressive person. Ferocious Negg people often make very strong Battledomers and find enjoyment in slaying other things on Neopets. The Ferocious Negg's anger is only matched by its voracious appetite which is always strives to contain.

Ferocious Negg!

You got: Green Negg!

Not one to stand out you always find yourself looking at all the other neggs and hoping that one day you will be just as awesome as they are. Quiet and reserved the Green Negg always seems to be looking at the grass on the other side of the fence despite being just as great as any other negg. As a Green Negg it can sometimes be hard to remember that people will always care about you for you and that becoming something else or trading yourself away at the neggery is always a bad idea.

Green Negg!

You got: Happy Negg!

Upbeat, Excited, Hyper... MOO! All these words can be used to describe the "Happy Negg" person. These people are always looking on the bright side of life and no matter always manage to put on a smile. The Happy Negg has a unique ability to make anyone else around it put a smile on while it is nearby. This makes it rather useful to have in certain places where sadder pets congregate. Nothing but a Happy Negg can put a smile on the face of a depressed grey Neopet.

Happy Negg!

You got: Slimy Negg!

Vile, Gross, Disgusting... these are just some of the words used to describe the Slimy Negg. People find themselves repulsed by these neggs without knowing truly what is under the slime. If someone was to fight their way into the sticky goo covered and find the negg inside they would most likely find something special. However unfortunately this rarely if ever happens and the Slimy Negg is all but ignored.

Slimy Negg!

You got: Blue Negg!

Blue Neggs are noble, caring, understanding and most importantly loyal. You can always count on having a Blue Negg by your side when things get tough. As a Blue Negg you are one of the few people who really can make a difference in people and will constantly strive to do just that. The world needs more Blue Neggs but for now you just have to do your best.

Blue Negg!

You got: Starry Negg!

Starry Neggs are curious, outgoing and always looking towards the horizon. As a Starry Negg you are a dreamer; you are a person who truly understands why life is important to be lived to the fullest. You constantly strive for more knowledge and understanding while attempting to share this enthusiasm with the world. Starry Neggs are beautiful and always try to reach for their dreams.

Starry Negg!

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