What Kind of Battler Are You?

posted on March 30, 2015
Jellybuzz Staff
Which of these weapons would you choose to build a battle set around?
  • BattleGlowJewelBattleGlowJewel
  • Scroll of KnowledgeScroll of Knowledge
  • Hubrids Odial SphereHubrids Odial Sphere
  • Wand of the Dark FaerieWand of the Dark Faerie
  • Monoceraptors ClawMonoceraptors Claw
  • Hawk WandHawk Wand
  • Pirate Captains CutlassPirate Captains Cutlass
  • Yellow Bruce PlushieYellow Bruce Plushie
Why do you like to battle?
To be the very best, like no one ever was.
To support <insert faction here>.
To watch the animations slide back and forth repetitively.
The prizes. Durrrr.
Who do you feel like battling today?
  • The SnowagerThe Snowager
  • Punchbag SidPunchbag Sid
  • Koi WarriorKoi Warrior
  • Jetsam AceJetsam Ace
  • Inflatable BalthazarInflatable Balthazar
  • DFM PteriDFM Pteri
  • Rock BeastRock Beast
  • All that is E.V.I.L.All that is E.V.I.L.
What's better: the new Battledome or the old Battledome?
The old Battledome
The old Battledome
The old Battledome
Erm, the new Battledome??
What's the best anagram for the Battledome?
  • Sword of ReifSword of Reif
  • Sword of AriSword of Ari
  • Bad toe meltBad toe melt
  • El date tombEl date tomb
  • Late bet modLate bet mod
  • Tablet modeTablet mode
  • Blade totemBlade totem
  • Battle. Dome?Battle. Dome?

You got: You're a complete newbie

How do I shot web? You didn't really buy that Web Claw, did you? No worries though! We have a Battlepedia to help you out! (You really, really need help.)

You're a complete newbie

You got: You're a crusty old veteran

Back in your day, Neopets had to walk uphill both ways through the snow just to buy a Hand Painted Scarab. (Nevermind that Hand Painted Scarab is sold in the Lost Desert weapon shop.) And for what?! You're still waiting for HP increase to come back.

You're a crusty old veteran

You got: You're a pro battler

You eat, sleep, and breathe 2-player battling. You have spreadsheets and screenshots for all your past battles. You've probably considered listing your Neopets Battledome accolades on your resume.

You're a pro battler

You got: You're just a reseller

You tried convincing everyone on the Battledome Chat that you really like battling, but the fact that you never own a weapon for more than a week at a time says otherwise. You figured that since half the threads on the Battledome Chat are selling boards, no one would notice you are from *shudders* the TRADE CHAT. *scary face*

You're just a reseller

You got: You're a farmer

You never fought much in the old Battledome, but the prizes in the new Battledome are too good to pass up. Each day, you are hopeful for a plentiful harvest of ten codestones and an elusive paint brush. In your mind, they might as well just call it the Cattledome! $$$

You're a farmer

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