Top Unsolved Mysteries of Neopia

posted on March 30, 2015
Jellybuzz Staff

What is the Tiki Tack Man?


If you've ever spent a day in Neopia, you are probably familar with The Tiki Tack man, the mysterious masked "man" who runs the Tombola daily. In addition to his Tombola stall, he makes a living selling overpriced souvenirs at the Island Merchandise Shop. For more than a decade he has generously awarded Neopians with codestones and served as the number one provider of Alien Aisha Gross Foods, a subsidiary of Alien Aisha Vending Ltd (AAVL).

What mysteries lie under his mask? Some suggest he is not a Neopet, but often they are told that they are just being silly. Assuming he is a Neopet, what species is he? From everything to sloth clones to petpets, people have made their guesses, but so far, we have no answers.

Does jelly world exist?


For centuries, Neopians have speculated the existence of a world made entirely of jelly. Believed flavors include lemon, lime, cherry, blackcurrant, fish, and dung. When did rumors of this land start to appear? How does the jelly not rot over time? Alas, Jelly World, and it's fabled metropolitan town of Wobbleshire, are still a mystery yet to be solved.

Some argue that Jelly World is a place for ghost Neopets, but even ghost-painted Neopets have failed to locate this mystical land.

So far, only this shred of proof has been found. Some scientists claim it is infallible proof of it's existence. However, it emits only infrared light, and thus cannot be seen by the Neopian eye.

Exhibit A: Proof of Jelly World's Existence

What is the Darkest Faerie's name? Where is her statue now?


For years, Neopians have speculated that the Darkest Faerie's real name is Jennumara, the faerie who stole the powers and wings of Baelia, the "Grey Faerie." This is, however, unconfirmed. Were her deeds in betraying Altador in 993 BN so terrible that King Altador banished her name from existence? Does uttering her name risk freeing her from her statue, wherever it may be? Perhaps we may never know. Perhaps we don't want to know...

What happened to the Obelisk?


Long ago, Tyrannia had an obelisk. While some insist that the recent unexplained appearance of the obelisk is in fact the old obelisk, others believe that was an entirely new obelisk. Then what happened to the old one? According to eyewitness reports, on one sunny day in Tryannia, there was a flash of light, and the Obelisk had disappeared. Beside some Tyrannians reporting a a strange desire to visit the obelisk after spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity, no more references to the old Obelisk exist.

There exists a long standing theory that there are three obelisks in Neopia that represent power, faith, and wisdom. Coltzan's shrine and both Tyrannian Obelisks may finally fulfill the legend. Once all three are activated, according to legend, things will happen.

"I think that the activation of the three obelisks is an unavoidable event," says the historian under the pseudonym fire_of_z in the famed article, "the destiny of Neopia, and that good will eventually come of it."

As we don't know where Tyrannia's first Obelisk has gone off to, we may never know what this activation would bring.

How do you get one million NP from Coltzans Shrine?


Since the appearance of the Shrine, King Coltzan III has awarded millions fabulous prizes to those who approach his shrine, everything from worthless gems to the powerful Coltzan's Lens. Yet there are still no confirmed reports of anyone winning one million NP. It is said to be possible, but how does one unlock this special award? Does it have to do with the time of day? Randomly, Coltzan has been seen telling people he could tell them the secret, but he always seems to have Kikoughela. Perhaps it is a hint of some sort?

What species is the Oracle?


The Oracle made their first appearance at the climax of the Obelisk War years ago, yet no one has been able to definitively answer about the species of this mysterious ghoul-like being. Everything from a Kiko to a Shoyru has been suggested. It is believed that once the war finally subsides, the winning faction will know the answer. But only time will tell.

What is The Truth Behind the Smell?


On its publication date of December 20, 2007, many Neopians rushed out to the Book Shop in desperation to answer one of life's most fundamental questions: What is the truth behind the smell? As a result, Borovan: The Truth Behind the Smell became the fastest selling book of all time, and potpourri sales skyrocketed.

Reviews indicate that while this scratch-and-sniff gimmick is an entertaining read containing fun Borovan smells, it fails to answer the question by its final page, leaving it open for sequel possibility. As no sequel has been written, it seems no one will know the truth behind Borovan's smell, at least until someone has enough Asparagus to convince Borovan to tell the world once and for all.

How does one become well-versed in the ways of Moltara?


Since the discovery of Moltara, no Neopian has been permitted to enter the Magma Pool by its guard. In order to gain access, one must show that they are well-versed in the ways of Moltara. To this day, no one knows what this means.

Did all Neopians decend from the Slorg?


Data collected throughout Neopia's history shows that no matter what preferences and personality traits you have, part of you is always a Pink Slorg. Due to this revelation, studies suggest that all of Neopia may have in fact descended from this ancient creature. If true, this implies that there's a part of a Slorg in everyone. Support for this claim is the observation that Slorgs can withstand extreme conditions.

Slorgs have been found in the depths of the sewers, the hottest deserts, the icy tundra of Terror Mountain, the ocean's deepest trenches, and even in the vacuum of space. Their slime is so sticky, it offsets the gravity of Kreludor, allowing them to roam the moon's surface with ease. As such a desirable subject in scientific research, more and more astronauts have sent Slorgs beyond Kreludor to see if they can colonize distant planets.

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