The Absolute WORST Party Guests

posted on March 30, 2015
Jellybuzz Staff



The mutated Chia known simply as Florg is famous for his stories of life under the rule of Dr. Sloth, and is an excellent conversationalist. Just don't invite him anywhere that Petpets may be found; he has a somewhat... different idea of what an appetiser is.

Lanie and Lillie


As if being creepy, potentially undead twins that are constantly together weren't enough, Lanie and Lillie have an annoying tendency to finish each others'....... Actually, I'm here alone, aren't I. Sentences. They finish each others' sentences.

King Skarl


While having the ruler of Meridell in attendance may seem like a great honor, those who know King Skarl in person would tend to disagree. Between his sizable appetite, short temper, and, shall we say, atypical sense of humor, the good king is reportedly a nightmare to have over.

Techo Fanatic


A well-known fixture of the Altador Cup, this wealthy heir to a renowned family of Altadorian olive farmers has been spotted at various high society events. Unfortunately, he takes his enthusiasm for Yooyuball with him everywhere he goes; if you don't want him to make some noise, you'd best leave him off the invite list.

Illusen and/or Jhudora


You might think the sweet Illusen would make an excellent party guest. You might think Jhudora's powerful magic and compulsion to show off would make for a good show. In reality, all you'll ever get from either of them is hours of droning on and on about the other.

Angry Yurble


You didn't invite him. You don't even know his name. He just... shows up, every time. Don't try asking who he came with, either; he'll just yell at you to be quiet, and hit you over the head with a mop. Or a cudgel. Or a book. Or a ladle. Or...



Does this one even need an explanation? The photo depicts what was once a livingroom, at least before Meuka arrived.

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